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What is web analytical service?

Web analytics is the technique of collecting, measuring, analyzing and reporting a large amount of internet data for understanding and optimizing web usage. Web analytics comprises a variety of processes including measurement of a website's potential customers, comments and online visibility that is happening on the Internet as a whole.


Thus web analytics involves two main aspects- understanding the behavior of visitors on your website & action taken based on this understanding. There are two key features- data and action based on that data. Collecting and measuring data needs an in-depth knowledge of technology and tools. Taking next step based on collected data requires expertise and exposure to various online strategies.


Web analytics tool in today's business environment have become immensely sophisticated as internet marketing has grown in complexity. Without dedicated resources and skill, web analytics implementation and data digging can by far turn into distressing experience.


Web analytics services provided by us:

We at myseohub have the perfect blend of technical and strategic skills to perform successful web analytics solutions for our valuable clients. Our cost-effective web analytics service includes the measurement of landing pages that drive user to make a purchase or get a conversion. Our on-site web analytics analyze the performance of your website and the data is compared with key performance indicators that can influence your website's performance and are used to boost your website traffic.

With our web analytics technique, we assist you to write better-targeted ads, formulate your marketing initiatives and build up higher converting websites.


Key factors involved in myseohub web analytics services:

  • - Monthly web traffic report
    - Top targeted keyword report
    - Top traffic sources
    - Ratio of visitors over a period of time
    - Ratio of repeated visitors and new visitors


We believe that every company is unique and so we focus in website analysis solutions that deliver the information you require to know about how your targeted audience interact with your website. Our web analytical services assist you tract, measure, report and optimize your integrated online advertising and web marketing campaign. In order to take full benefit of your website, you need to completely understand your traffic sources, your marketing initiative performance indicators, and the actions your visitors take on your website before they leave to take further step.


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